My mother doesn't care for thoughts, 2014

Suite à l'invitation de Marco Costantini à participer à l’exposition A house for E. D., j’ai commencé à travailler autour du personnage d’Emily Dickinson.
L’ensemble, intitulé My mother doesn’t care for thoughts, tente d’esquisser une cartographie mentale, entre souvenirs, impressions du réel et collections.

In 2013, I was commissioned by curator Marco Costantini to work around the character of Emily Dickinson.
I became immersed in her poetry and her extraordinary life.
The result is a mix of documentary images, studio shots, interventions, scans and archive photographs. The whole is a sort of a mind map, something like a collection or a dream visit of her house in Amherst.
A house for E. D
BAC, Geneva
Utopie Picturale 2
Fonderie Kugler, Geneva