One for the other - Photo Elysée

03.11.2023 – 25.02.2024

A carte blanche given to Virginie Otth
Thomas Annaheim Lambert
Mathieu Bernard-Reymond
David Gagnebin-de Bons
Anne Golaz
Shannon Guerrico
Cécile Monnier
Loan Nguyen
Nicolas Savary
Marie Taillefer
Myriam Ziehli

“In tandem with her exhibition A Lake in the Eye, Virginie Otth (Switzerland, 1971) has invited ten artists with whom she has crossed paths at the Vevey School of Photography (CEPV) over the past two decades.

Having enjoyed the discussions she has had with them around images and their perception, Virginie Otth has invited them to come together to work on two short stories taken from the philosophical novel Mr Palomar – The Sword of the Sun and The World Looks at the World – which deal with gazes, illusions and our relationship with the world.”